Please consider volunteering to help trials run smoothly.  You can learn a great deal from observing other teams work during a trial.

Camp Hebron, Halifax, PA

December 11 and 12, 2021

Williams Grove Steam Engine Assoc, Mechanicsburg, PA

Please consider volunteering to help trials run smoothly.  You can learn a great deal from observing other teams work during a trial.

NACSW has started a volunteer incentive program starting January 1, 2019 rewarding frequent volunteers with a double draw for every 7 full days of volunteer time at NACSW ORT and trials in the calendar year 2019.  Please see NACSW's site or Google group for more information.

To further encourage volunteers, we will keep track of our volunteers' hours.  As you accumulate volunteer hours, you will accumulate Volunteer Dollars to use at only our trials.

Volunteer Credit Criteria:

After obtaining 20 volunteer hours at trials hosted by Nose-It-All, llc with Lisa Basial as the hosts, you will be eligible for ‘Volunteer Dollars’ which can be redeemed as credit toward your entry into a Nose-It-All trial only hosted by Lisa Basial.

  • You can only use ‘Volunteer Dollars’ for trials which you have been offered a trial spot.  This means that if a trial has a draw for entry, your entry must have been drawn.

  • You can accumulate 4 credit hours for a half day and 8 credit hours for a full day.

  • Each volunteer hour equals $0.75 which can then be redeemed as credit towards your entry fee.

  • When submitting for ‘Volunteer Dollars’, please send an email to the trial host AND Lisa Basial stating how many ‘Volunteer Dollars’ you will be using.

  • You can have others donate their ‘Volunteer Dollars’ for you to use as your own credit.  The donor must submit an email to Lisa Basial authorizing the donation of the credits.

  • Volunteer credit record keeping is done by Lisa Basial.  There will be no disputing records.

  • Once a year, in January, emails will be sent to volunteers with credits stating their accumulated credits remaining.

NACSW Volunteer Incentive Program:


Details about the program as well as the volunteer log form can be accessed on the NACSW website under ORT & Trial Information.  The direct link is as follows:

Here are the details of the program:   


1.     A double draw means that you get two chances in the random draw for a trial.  This is not a guarantee that you will receive a space in the trial, but it does double your odds. 

2.     Once you have accumulated 7 volunteer days, you may submit your forms to  It can take 4 weeks to process your submission.  All 2019 double draw submissions must be emailed to us by January 31, 2020.

3.     Once your double draw has been processed, you will send an email to at least two weeks prior to the opening of the trial you would like to use it for.  Provide the trial date, trial city, state and level, as well as your NACSW member number and your dog's name and NACSW number when redeeming a double draw.

4.     Please note as per the timeline in item 2 and 3, you need to start the submission process at least 6 weeks prior to the trial entry open date.

5.     Double draws do not expire.

6.    Only one double draw can be used per trial.

7.    Volunteer hours will be accrued in ½ and full day increments.  ½ day volunteer is a minimum of three hours and up to six hours.  Full day is six hours or more.

8.     All non-compensated volunteer roles (i.e. gate stewards, volunteer coordinator, box setter, timer, etc.) at the ORT/trial will receive the same credit, no matter what they are.  We value that you are giving up your day to help make the trial happen!

9.     Volunteer days are only earned for work done on ORT/trial days, not pre or post trial days.

10.   We will only recognize volunteer days at official NACSW™ ORTs/trials.

11.  Multiple double draws may be accumulated during the calendar year.  One for each 7 days of volunteering.

12.  You may not carry over “unused” volunteer days from one calendar year to the next when accumulating your 7 days.

13.  If you bring a family member or friend to volunteer for a trial, that person may assign their volunteer time to you if they are not a NACSW member OR if they are an inactive member.  An inactive member is someone who has not handled a dog at a NACSW ORT/trial or entered a NACSW trial within the past 18 months. 

14.  Volunteers will be accepted at the host’s discretion depending on need.

15.  Officials and vendors (including video service vendors) are not eligible for volunteer credits.

16.  ORT hosts who are not officiating are eligible for volunteer day credits.

17.  Hosts/Volunteer coordinators will sign and verify information on the volunteer forms presented to them by volunteers at their trials.  They are not obligated to sign forms after the completion of the trial weekend.

18.  Hosts/Volunteer coordinators will submit their volunteer check-in sheets to NACSW at within one week after their trial.

19.  All NACSW hosts must participate in the program.


Questions can be sent to: